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This is the future home of a collection of Bonus Materiel for my current stories

Through the History of time Authors, such as myself, have written countless stories, or parts of stories which are good but not necessary to the core of the story.  Just as Movie Creators film countless scenes which are left on the cutting room floor during editing, sometimes for time restraints, sometimes for continuity issues, and sometimes they simply do not fit.  Writers often start a story that does not pan out, or they decide to not follow it on because it takes them to far from the main story.  Movies sometimes re-edit these cuts scenes into Director's Cuts or Extended Editions.


I, like many other authors, have written countless stories that until now were never intended to see the light of day, but most of them have a hint of greatness without actually getting there.  So with this in mind I will be assembling a collection of various short stories, most of which will be smaller than five pages, which will enhance the reading experience of my stories without taking place in the core of the stories.  In other words, please enjoy my extended scenes, or as I like to call them, "Beyond the story as we know it"

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