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  • Michael Maurice Franchetti

2023 is Here

Hello everyone, It has been awhile since my last post

However, I have not disappeared, I have had a lot of things to work out in my life, and have been working hard.

First goal is to constantly challenge myself, and I have been working on many storylines and getting things ready for many different series I plan on introducing very soon.

Second goal is to entertain, which leads to challenges in the first goal

There are many other goals, but there must only and always be seven

Enough of that for now

The second reason I have posted today is to announce January's Free E-Book promotions

"The Telling of Two Worlds, Vol. 1: Exiled" will be free From 1/17/2023 Through 1/21/2023

"Cornelius Montegue: Unlicensed Junior Private Detective, The Case of the Displaced Art Class" is on 1/5/2023 Through 1/9/2023

Plus, more to come, in 2023

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