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  • Michael Maurice Franchetti

Turning of Events

I would like to say I could update Daily, but as we know I am not able to make that claim. Sorry, I am no this type of person. Lately, I have been going through a deep personal journey and I have hit a lot of road blocks.

I have a rather large problem when it comes to my stories, and when I fight what the story chooses to be I produce nothing until the decisions and corrections are made. I do not consider this writer's block rather than my creative mind fighting with the other parts of my mind, and once they are in sync, I write again.

That being said, Trying to make "Detective Big Hat" a children's story is not working out and I have finally decided it will not happen. It is evolving too quickly to be one, however, it shall stay around the PG range.

This was a hard decision but in the end it will be a better product

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