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The Telling of Two Worlds, Vol. 1

One hundred years before the Alchemist War began, the Wizard's Vortex discovered a magical passage to another world.  The OCNAR’s, the ruling body of the Wizard’s Vortex, quickly contained it for their own use.  However, before they can figure out how to harness the power of the magical passage, the Alchemist War broke out.  After the horrific end of the Alchemy Wars, almost a thousand years later, the remaining survivors of the war strive for peace at all costs. The OCNAR’s were banished through the magical passage and “Exiled” on the world they discovered on the other side.  As a precaution, the OCNAR’s were injected with special toxins to prevent their return.  Fortunately, the toxins did not pass to their children, and the OCNAR’s developed a plan to reclaim their birthright within the Wizard's Vortex.  Each family of the OCNAR's were to send their first Sanista born child back into Wizard’s Vortex and take a role in Society to bring back the OCNAR’s.


Follow the adventures of the children of the OCNAR's as they are coming to the age of their parents' plans, the founders of the SOTIF, the world of Sanista, and the bizarre world of the Wizard's Vortex.  Two Worlds linked by an unknown history and the magic that binds them still and the seven friends who will change the course of the worlds they are torn between. 


Also including the Exile of Dulfo enhanced, rewritten, and expanded blended into the book in chronological order of events within the new book.   


Contains: Violence and Sexual Situations



Current Rating on Amazon:     4.7 Stars out of 5

Current Rating on Goodreads: None

Current Rating on Website:      4.9 Stars out of 5

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