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Cornelius Montegue
Unlicensed Junior Private Detective
The Case of the Displaced Art Class

  Cornelius Auguste Montegue is on the run. His wife, Olivia Anne Montegue, is in critical condition, and their current case has pushed the agency to the brink of disaster. Jenna, the junior partner of Montegue Agency, shut down the agency to go to the hospital and watch over Olivia, until Cornelius would need her expertise in their current case. However, while she waits, she reads a story of the agency's infancy to Olivia while she recovers.  

  As he enters the last year of middle school, Detective Big Hat leaves his mantle behind, but his investigations are never ending. Join Detective Big Hat as he becomes Cornelius Montegue: Unlicensed Junior Detective on his first case, where his passion for truth slams into the reality of the adult world. His methods, perspective, morals, and limits will be pushed almost to the breaking point. His friendships, enemies, and obstacles are developing as he learns how to navigate the real world and make a difference. Join Cornelius Montegue as he tackles "The Case of the Displaced Art Class."

Contains: Mild Violence, Bullying, Mild Adult Situations



Current Rating on Amazon:     2 Stars out of 5

Current Rating on Goodreads: 4 Stars out of 5

Current Rating on Website:      3 Stars out of 5

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